Philadelphia Made

We envision a world where workers have voice and power to build the future that they want to be a part of.

Our Mission

To enhance organizational excellence while grappling with the increasing need and demand for inclusion.

We teach people how to be courageous leaders in their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and help groups tailor their DEI efforts to their unique culture. Through a holistic and authentic approach, we build specialized offerings to help our partners create and achieve their goals. At Fair Future, we do not have clients, we have partners, and it is our core belief that we need to work together to build more equitable business practices and great places to work.

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Meet the team


Strategy, Systems change, leadership development, organizational change, leadership development


Partnership, K-12 leadership, Intentional data strategy, Systems change


Curriculum development & Design, Higher education leadership, Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Who we are

Emmy, Kelsey, and Monet bring over a decade of combined skills in race and equity training and facilitating difficult and authentic conversations. Emmy, Kelsey and Monet's professional experiences span fields including sustainability, retail, corporate responsibility, education, nonprofit, small business development, and community development and planning in Philadelphia, Seattle,San Francisco, Oakland, Washington, DC, Boston, and New York City.