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“Fair Future is an awesome organization. I think their anti-racism training was one of the most insightful and thought provoking things I’ve ever done.”

We Value


Fair opportunities for all. Empowering individuals to create systems that work for those that have been excluded and muted.


Having partners not clients. We firmly believe that we are all in this work together.


Listening before serving. We perform best when we listen to your needs to understand how best to serve.

Our Services

Whether you are just in the beginning of introducing DEI initiatives to your organization, or looking to expand on your perspectives, Fair Future is here to help you through that journey. In our partnership with you, we provide a variety of ways to meet your needs and goals. Browse through our most popular service offerings. Even if you aren't sure what may be best for your organization, schedule a consultation with us to discuss your specific diversity and inclusion training needs.


In addition to formal trainings and evaluations, Fair Future offers consulting services that provide opportunities for you and your team to lead the discussion.

During these 1:1 consultations, we can work with team members to address specific concerns. Together, we can reflect on a past moment of bias (as either the giver or receiver), talk through strategies for asking questions that incorporate lived experience in an upcoming interview, or provide input on a project or idea.

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Fair Future specializes in creating curated Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) programming for aspiring leaders of all levels. We teach people how to be courageous and authentic leaders in their JEDI efforts and tailor their JEDI efforts to their unique causes and culture.

The Fundamentals of JEDI
Designed to help organization stakeholders understand the fundamentals of justice-centered equity and inclusion work. These courses are designed to stand alone (1 or 2 part series) and can be offered in any order. Topics include: Discovering Your Biases, Cultural Communication, Disability Justice, Anti-Racism 101

Please inquire for current course offerings and requests.

Anti-Racist Leadership Training (ARLT)
Leadership must be aware of how bias, no matter how small, can upend missions and negate good intentions. The series works through the historical context of racism in your field, ethics centered leadership, and transitioning between learning and action.

The ARLT program works with leadership within an organization at all decision making levels with an emphasis on Board and executive leadership.

Anti-Racism at Work
This program is for non-leadership staff. The training helps employees understand their implicit biases, address inequities within the workplace, and be better allies and advocates for one another.

Allyship and Advocacy
Allyship and Advocacy begins by teaching and solidifying participants’ understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion foundations. As participants move through the program, they will learn how to apply justice-centered learning to their work and to leverage their role in oppressive systems to support and lift those who are marginalized. This series helps participants move beyond performative pledges to enact systemic change in their communities. 

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These conversations are lead by an executive coach with extensive experience in developing leaders to rethink their mindset. The goal of these sessions is to promote systems of strategic thinking and to build proficiency in reflection, reframing, and questioning systems of oppression and our place in them.

Fair Future coaching is specifically centered around coaching executives and board leadership. These sessions seek to address specific instances of bias that they have experienced, either as the receiver or giver, and will be conducted by the Fair Future team members in partnership with an executive coach.

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We work to understand the needs and the areas of growth for the entire organization, and our assessments reflect this. We begin all engagements with a survey that evaluates the organization's comfort levels with identifying and addressing equity and inclusion opportunities.

Surveys are administered at all levels of the group to truly determine feelings and attitudes that individuals have toward the organization and the overall perception of inclusion about the organization's culture

Assessments are most effective when deployed on a recurring basis to track how direct participants evolve. Fair Future provides a summary report at the culmination of each assessment period.

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Why a Fair Future Now?

42% of employees in the U.S. have experienced or witnessed racism in the workplace.
53% of Black women and 42% of all women surveyed report experiencing gender discrimination at work
The average white american has a household wealth of $171,000 while the average black american family's wealth is $17,000, a wealth gap of 90%.

We are...

a young Jedi firm with a bad-ass approach to diversity issues. We see the need for an empathetic and innovative approach to organizational diversity challenges and we are here to address them. We envision a future where everyone has a fair chance to life’s opportunities.

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